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I want to thank you so much for helping me to untangle the mess my life was in and for putting in so much and for always being so caring and supportive. I too, like the whale in this short story am so appreciate and will always be to you and God for helping untangle me and keep moving forward and higher and higher. Above all, i give all the glory to God for people like you that go above and beyond the call of duty. You make such a difference to the lives of people such as me, who were going to be put in the scrapheap by Satans hands and couldnt find a way out of the pit… I just hope that i shall do that more and more for people who are also tangled like i was and have the same love and patience that you had with me because now I am free and have joy and peace…..I hope I am able to serve Jesus in the same capacity, knowing that often people take what we do for granted but also knowing that we are doing a great thing for God, it is actually what He wants us to do….love one another the same way He has loved us…which to me means, that I dont give up on people when they are weak or keep falling because He didnt give up on me, and i forgive and love people when they use me when it is convenient to them because Jesus still loves me when i use Him at my convenience…….I want to be a giver and not become resentful when the same person i have helped, wont help me,,,because God rewards us and helps us through out her people…..but seeing the way you have showed me so much unconditional love and have always been there for me, no matter what and have listened to me, no matter how bad I was feeling or how negative i sounded or how little faith i had at the time, that has enabled me to keep going on and to not give up and I am sorry because i dont thank you enough pastor will even though you say Glory to God , yes Glory to God but you also are faithful and obedient to God and if you weren’t and didnt have such a pure and loving heart like Jesus himself, the Sylvia’s would all have given up and believed the lie of the devil that they would never amount to anything and would never make it to where God wanted them to be….the Sylvia’s in the churches would have eventually resorted back to their wordly friends for understanding and love….so thank you a million times Pastor William for the impact you have made on my life…and believe me i do give all the glory to God, i do.