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Miracle Baby

After various session with Pastor William, our little miracle came true and still to this day I give God praise and glory to Him, as it was His great work and gift to us and I thank Him every day for Dominique! After experiencing a molar pregnancy which is a pregnancy whereby a molar forms and if it doesn’t get rid of itself, chemotherapy needs to be undertaken!

With Pastor Williams great work together with God we prayed and prayed and we rid of the molar and was told to wait for 12 months before we try again.

Once the molar was under control and felt it in my heart to try again, after 6 months we fell pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy we also had doctors doubting us our baby’s health, dramatically increasing our risks of down syndrome and gave us the option to abort the baby before 20 weeks. We prayed and had hope for the 9 long months of pregnancy and even though it was an anxious time I knew God had it all under control. Dominique then was born on the 20th September 2010 and I still call her my “little miracle”.

She is truly a blessing and gift from God above and I owe it to Him by looking after my 3 beautiful girls to the best of my ability; to give them the love that God gives me!

Trish Manna