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Miracle Baby 2

It happened some years ago after we had our first child, that we wanted to have the second child as close as possible. So we will started trying after six months from the birth of our second child. After one year of trying, there was nothing coming, so we went to see a specialist doctor who gave my wife some medications and injection pen, which she said will help. Really fews weeks after usage, my wife got pregnant, but it did not last, she had a miscarriage after two and half months.

From there, we were referred to another specialist doctor who was going to do another precedure that she thought will help as well. So we started with that and made all the payments that was required. As we were coming from the first appointment with this second doctor, we saw Pastor William at the shopping centre as he just came to Australia from Malta. We greeted and left. That was the very first time we met Pastor William along with his brothers that we already are friends with in Australia. On the evening of the day, one of Pastor William’s brother gave us a call saying that, Pastor William said he wanted us to see him, as he said God told him we were having problem with my wife getting pregnant with our second child. Meanwhile, we never told anyone our our then predicaments, so we were wondering how he knew. So we decided to attend, the friday healing service on the next friday. While there, Pastor William Prayed for us and told us God was going to do it for us in no time. Even with us believing that God will surely do it for us, we still kept the other appoint with specialist doctor. As we saw the doctor, she said my wife will have to do blood pregnancy test before we come in for the procedure the following week. So they took blood from my wife on the day and lefte for home. Two days before the planned procedure day, hospital called my wife to say the blood test showed pregnancy and that she did not need to do the procedure anymore. The pregnancy at that stage was just about two weeks old, which was the two weeks that we saw Pastor William. So God did it for us through the help of Pastor William. All the money we paid was refunded back to us and nine months later, my wife gave birth to miracle baby boy, and we name him, ETINOSASERE – meaning, the power of God is the greatest.

We thank God for using Pastor William to help us through. This is my testimony