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I Came Back To The Lord

When i was a young girl, i was raised in a Christian family; all the seeds of Christianity were planted in my spirit. As i grew older i began to store some hurts & was curious to know what it was like to live the life of this world. So gradually this is what i did. In my heart i always had a love for the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that he was not just some fabricated god, as i had experienced & saw His power & His love many times as a child. But the influence of the world & the hurts i carried took me to a place far darker than i could ever imagine. For many years it was a lot of fun living this other life outside Christianity. I had lots of friends & spent most of my time on the cares of this world. One day in my darkest hour i was so broken. At this time i was living with my parents & my 2 children after a separation. My sister asked me to come to church. I declined, with the adamant decision that i would go some day when i was ready. As i had been asked this many times before & found it quite frustrating. My family members were not the ones i would go to church for. If someone else had asked me, i think they would have had more of a chance for me to reply with a yes. However, that same night my family members came back after church & were talking about the mighty move of Gods power that was happening at the church. For some reason for the first time ever, i was curious. Keeping this curiosity to myself, the next day my father came to me & said the pastor wants you to come to church. Something overtook me & i replied yes, before i could even think about an answer. So that night, i went. When i first walked in , i kept thinking to myself , i don’t want anybody to come near me or to touch me & also i didn’t want my parents to tell me to go to the front for prayer. And nobody came near me! I was shocked! Because in the house of God you greet & welcome each other. I later learnt that God did this especially for me. Then from the front, pastor William was sharing his word, he stopped suddenly & called me to the front, i walked up with no fear. He then began to speak into my life things he could not have know about me. He also said to me, “you love God, you love God”. All my life in the world, i really did love God, & i would always vocalize this to my family, but they understandably could not believe this, as i was living a life of sin. Well hearing these words, KNOWING, it was God letting me know. He knows i love Him. My life changed forever from that instant! All the hurts, pain & destruction in my life was healed. The things of God mattered more to me now, than any destructive force. Since my time as a Christian i have experienced God speaking to me many times, i have a loving family & much more. But most of all, God showed where i came from & where my life was headed to. That was not a life, it was spiritual death. Eternal separation from a loving God, that cared for me more than i could ever imagine. I choose to give my life to Him forever. Experiencing Him for myself as an adult with full understanding, was the greatest gift i could ever have. In the book of john ch: 3v3, the bible says except a man (mature understanding) is born again, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Also scripture says to teach them when they are young & they will come back as well as the story of the prodigal son. I dedicate this testimony to all the prayerful parents out there. God’s love never fails. Amen.