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Healed of Leaukemia

The Professor told peter that he has Mythoid leukemia and that he needs to do some medications. Peter said, My God will heal me and with those words he trusted God for his healing.

Peter came to our Tuesday meeting and Pastor William and the team all prayed for him and anointed him with oil. We continued to pray for his healing and in the coming days, he had to go to the doctors again. The Team continued in prayer and when he went to the doctor next, and after series of tests, the doctors gave him the all clear, the leukemia was gone, no trace. The doctor was amazed and said this is a MIRACLE.

Peter Came to Church with the doctors report of his healing and showed it to whole Church, it was truly amazing how God has healed Peter of Leukemia.

With this zeal, peter started telling everyone he meets about his healing and the Lord Jesus.