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Workers Induction Seminar Part 1, 2 & 3

Pastor William Osagiede 30TH March 2002

i) The call of God to Moses
Exodus 3:9-10

  • Do you recognise the call of God on your Pastor?
  • Are you fully persuaded he has been called of God?
  • If not, you have no right being in this church.
  • If you know he is, then you are truly serving him as God’s anointed?

ii) Not Self Appointed

Galations 1:1

  • Even though there may be a reluctance to accept the call as in the case of Moses, the person who is called will know they have been called.
  • A truly called leader is NEVER self appointed. One sign that someone has been self appointed is their inability to submit to other authority.
  • Another symptom is that they tend to be very critical of other leaders in an attempt to elevate themselves as an authority before others.


i)A Dissatisfied People

Numbers 11:1

  • The people complained!
  • The Lord heard it! He is not deaf to such an attitude!

ii) What Was The Result?

  • It displeased the Lord!|
  • His anger was aroused!
  • The fire of the Lord burned among them, and some in the outskirts were consumed.

iii) How Does Such An Attitude Affect A Church?

  • Your complaining will led to the destruction of others!
  • When you complain, lives are affected!
  • Those on the outskirts of the church may be weak new believers, or those still coming to a place of true commitment to the local church, and the complaining in the body will lead to their destruction.

Part 2
Iv) Intense Craving Leading To A Desire To Return To The World.

Numbers 11:4-6

  • What was the result? V10
  • The anger of the Lord was greatly aroused.
  • Moses was also displeased. In fact, so much so, that it led to desperation!
  • The needs of an unsettled people are a very heavy burden.
  • We see Moses cry of desperation in V11-15.
  • This led to the selection of God anointed leadership.


i) Taking The Spirit Of The Leader

Numbers 11:16-17

  • If you recall, Moses place was at the Tent of Meeting.
  • These elders were to be brought to the Tent of Meeting “THAT THEY MAY STAND THERE WITH YOU”.
  • The Spirit on Moses came on the 70. (E.g. The flame from one candle lighting 70 others).
  • The result is that the light is increased and the burden is shared.

ii) Standing With The Senior Leader

  • The elders of the people must share the same vision as the senior leader.
    Amos 3:3
  • For anyone in a local church, if you can’t take the vision of the local church then you will be very ineffective.
  • There is one vision! If there is vision that comes to a person in the church, does it flow with the church’s vision.
  • The members of the church are to flow under the same anointing as the leader.

iii) Serve The Senior Man Before Serving The People

  • What happens if you don’t?
    Exodus 24:14
  • Aaron and Hur were left in charge.
    Exodus 32:1-2
  • Aaron pleased the people! He neglected his charge! He stopped standing with Moses! He disrespected Moses’ authority! Out of fear for the people he served them!
  • What was the result?
    1. People came to reject God!
    2. People fell into gross immorality!
    3. Aaron became responsible for the people’s sin – V21.
    4. 3000 men of the people died –V28.

Part 3
iv) Example Of Joshua From Servant To Leader

  • Joshua had the leader’s vision.
    Exodus 24:13; 32:17
    He stayed close to the anointing! He was hungry for the presence of God and the anointing! Now this prepared him for the next phase in God’s plan. It was Joshua who took the people of Israel into the next phase in God’s agenda.
    Deuteronomy 31:7;14;23; 34:9
  • The servant became the leader.
  • Joshua was a leader in the tribe of Ephraim, Numbers 13:8

V) The Servant’s Heart

  • What is your attitude to the mundane?
  • How do you react to rejection (generally unintentional) from the leader?
  • How do you react when you are overlooked?
  • What about when an achievement is overlooked?
  • Do you have an independent spirit?

vi) Why Are You Serving The Leader?

  • For your personal acceptance?
  • To be seen as important?
  • To receive the leaders favouritism?
  • For the position?
  • So that you can eventually take control?
  • Because you think you will do a better job if you were in charge?
  • So that you can fulfil your vision?


Very few realise the spiritual pressures those in spiritual leadership endure. It is a position coveted by many that do not understand this. Do you want to be a leader? Why?

  • Are you sure that it is God who has called you?
  • Are you quite certain that you are not coveting position? God has placed the leader He has over you to prepare you for the next phase God has in mind.
  • Are you allowing God to do His work of preparation in you? Listen; do not be too hasty for the task. Let God fulfil all He has to first. Serve your leader faithfully.