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When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?

Are you in a routine of do’s and don’t.

Change the course of your life before you change your World / Society .

1. Abraham had a good course, lived a good life, probably was holy, pure and God fearing – Gen. 11:29-32.

But the Lord called him to change direction / country. Gen 12;1-3.

  • To an unknown destination.
  • Leaving his birthplace / friends.
  • Probably leaving his inheritance in his native country.
  • N.B — He took all his family – vs 4-5.
  • The Lord confirmed his voice along the way vs 7-8.

When we obey the voice of God, the journey might seem hard but his Presence and voice will always be there.

Many people are afraid to change.

  • Their way of life.
  • Behaviour.

Step up in faith for a new thing from God.

  • The Lord manifested his strength to Abraham time and time again — Gen 15:1-6.
  • Then comes the Covenant – Gen 17:1-13.

First comes the decision to change. Second is a unique desire to do for the first time what you have never done before.