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What Do You Weigh?

We go to purchase our grocers and necessities from the grocery Shop and they are weighed in Kilos and measured for us as we pay according to the desired kilos or in some cases weight.

God has got a Scale to weigh his people whatever they do, he has got a Standard, and God Scale does not make a Mistake.
King Belshazzar was weighed in God’s Scale and was found wanting, he did not pass the mark.

Will you pass the mark if God was to bring his Scale to weigh you? How will you weigh in the area of?

  1. Holiness Heb 12:14
  2. Personal purity
  3. Love for the things of the Lord
  4. Personal devotion
  5. Speech ( Many complain about everything)
  6. Walking upright
  7. Righteousness
  8. Doing Justly
  9. Separate from the World (How can you say you are separate from the world if you still do the things the world does)
  10. Fellowship with God
  11. Church Attendance
  12. Bible Studying
  13. Faithfulness
  14. Tithing
  15. Christian Maturity

What will you weigh if God was to weigh you these entire areas in your life, Will you pass the mark? Or will you be found wanting??? That is why the Bible tells us to judge ourselves.
Lu 6:46 “Why do you call me “Lord, Lord” and not do what I tell you? (RSV)

Most people live one way at Church and live another way at home, Steve Hill says not only holy at Church, but Holy at home.
People in Ezekiel’s days were busy Killing the things that should live and beautifying the things that Should die, Eze 3:19 just like in our days, today people glorify Celebrity who are sex and drug addict, who are rapist and has done lots of evil you know who the mentor of many your people are, murders, slanderers and fornicators, yes and you know what, the world just hates it when a Righteous preacher comes on TV and tell people to live right.

Look around you, who are the most popular in our World Movie stars who are all divorced, TV personalities who have more three wives in the name of girlfriend.
Models that shameless expose their bodies in the name of fashion (Anna Nicole Smith)
People has lost their values, no more do we run after God with clean heart: Holiness and men of God who tell us to run from sin, But today even Church people run after Certain Christian Celebrity who just keep telling us about prosperity and all that sort.
Friend if God was to come here right now and start to weigh us, in the areas of Holy Living, Evil thought, Hypocrisy Immoral living, critical spirit how will weigh.

Look at what God told his people: please note this Rev 3:2

God gave light to his people in the midst of the day and the night Ex12:20-22.