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Vision is a supernatural or prophetic apparition seen vividly in the imagination.
The blessings of a ministry rests on Vision makers.
Without vision; no one can live or survive.
You need vision for – starting point of anything, starts with a vision.
Work, (If the house is not built within it cannot be a reality), School, Children, Travelling, Business etc.

Vision Makers: Proverbs 29:18
People who do not have a vision cannot move forward. The kind of vision you have will determine your ministry.
An example of Vision Makers.
Joshua and Caleb – Numbers 14:6-8
Joseph – Gen 41
David – 1 Samuel 17:23-26; 45-47 2 Samuel 23
Vision differed – 1Kings13:1-23
Vision abandoned – Jonah 1:1-3

So many people’s vision have died, why do ministry or Church vision die?

  1. When there are no vision makers.
  2. Vision Killers – These are men that through envy; jealousy bring diversity in the heart of people. Gen 5:22 ( You can be a worker and be a vision killer).

What the Church need are Vision Makers and not vision killers.

6 Characteristics of Vision Makers

  1. Vision Makers love the work of the Lord and their leaders in spite of whatever short comings.
  2. Have Faith and Confidence in the vision of the Ministry / Leader.
  3. Obedience to Leadership
  4. Do their utmost best wherever they are placed.
  5. They build.
  6. Love and respect other members of the Church (We are a team).

Five reasons why People’s vision die.

  1. Fear of failure, the what if ?
  2. Unwilling to Pay the Price (Stay).
  3. Negative feed back, (What will people think of me).
  4. Self doubt – Needing many people’s confirmation, even when it is clear it is the Will of God.
  5. Passivity (Passive people lack the will to work. They have a lot of wish bone but no backbone).

Have Your vision died. Today is the day for Resurrections. Do not wait one minute, come forward this morning and Let me agree with you for Resurrections.