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Turning the truth of God into a lie

Rom 1:21-32. (very dangerous).

  • God’s truth are standard abiding unchanging and life changing, live truth is the only one that can set one free Remember Jn 8:32.
  • Because God’s truth sets free and the devil loves me to be in bondage so he has succeeded in turning Gods truth into lies for many.

Gen 2:16-17. God’s truth
Gen 3:4 Devils lie.

Think of all the truth of Gods word and how satan has turned it into a lie.

  • There is no God, if there was God all this suffering will not be.
  • God is not love.
  • Heaven and hell are here.
  • God do not love me.
  • God cannot heal me / why this sickness.

Many deceiving spirits are around today.

  • Speaking lies to believers
  • telling them to lower the standard

A big area is Prayer.

  • You pray for nothing etc
  • what shall be shall be.
  • You are not worthy

but you need to use the Principle of PUSH to overcome
and remember it is not over until God says so.

Steps to Recovery

  1. Repent
  2. Magnify and accept Jesus into your heart Jn 8:36.