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The Way Forward

Haggai 1:1-7

All the devil wants to do is to keep you where you are.

You cannot be truly free until you are financially free, this doesn’t come by miracles but by principles.

So many live their lives by trial and error, but we must understand that God has principles to live by.

For 40 yrs Israel lived on miracle of manner (what is it) but after that God gave them the Principle of a Seed.
The most Powerful Force on the earth is a seed.
Anything you want to perpetuate in life turn it into a seed.

Man is a seed.

The word of God is a seed.

Jesus is a seed.

Church that are growing are churches that are reaching out…..

Two entities in the heart of man – Bread and seed.
Isa 55:10.

God says as long as you are sower, I will see to it that there is always seed is your heart → Seed is an instrument of dominus.
Gen 1:29 The only creature God gave seed was man.
Gen 8:22
Mark 4:26

Your seed is the instrument of domius, what God has given to you.