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The Power Of The Anointing

1 Sam 9:26-27, 10:1.6. 10-12.
Saul was an ordinary man in Israel, in fact the first time we are introduced to Saul he was looking for lost sheep of his father.

  • But the Anointing made a difference in his life (transforming completely).
  • By the Anointing he was made a King — now there are Kings made by birth. But their King was chosen by God and Anointed
  • A King has authority, his family is exempted from taxes in Israel.
  • He rules with authority
  • The final decision lies on him.

(You can be a King over your problems, over your enemies.)

Elisha had a Humble Portion of the Anointing (it is recorded that he did more miracle than Elijah —
story of Anabelle
People travel to and fro to get as Anointing lots of effort has been made for people to go to a higher level.

  • Struggle
  • Counseling None of these can drive out the devil.
  • Higher education
  • Prestige

Demonstrate with oil.

You have been on the Side of Pain, difficulty…….It is time to move to the other side. (Matt 14:21-22) Mark 6:45