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The Gift of Working of Miracles

Study 19

1 Cor 12:10

In our previous teachings on the gifts of the Spirit, we scripturally believe that, all the gifts of the Spirit are a supernatural works of God. In today’s lesson, “the working of miracles is a supernatural manifestation of the Spirit of God doing a supernatural act that none of the other eight gifts will do.

    It is not what some call “Miracle Science”. Science is not a miracle. It is not psychology or anything which can be produced by man in the natural. Natural wisdom us foolishness when compared to God’s wisdom.
    The working of miracles is signs and wonders. Acts 2:43, Acts 4:30, Acts 5:12. A miracle is a supernatural intervention in the ordinary course of nature. John 5:36, John 10:25. Miracles are performed to deliver people in danger, to perform judgements, to calm storms, to cast out devils, to bind up broke hearts, deliver the captives, and even miracles causes people to be saved.

    No wonder Gideon asked, when God called him, if I am a mighty man of Valour where are a the miracles Judges 6:13. Elisha, feeling the responsibility of his ministry on him, asked, where is the Lord God of Elijah? 2 Kings 2:14. God of Elijah is God of signs and wonders.

    Through this gift, Peter restored Dorcas to life, this miracle resulted in many turning to God, Acts 9:40-42. Through this gift Paul raised Eutychus back to life, Acts 20:9-10. Through this gift Jesus raised Lazarus to life again, John 11. Elijah raised a widow’s son to life, 1 Kings 17:21-22. Through this miracle Jesus turned water into wine, John 2 and feed 5,000 people on five loaves and two fish. This gift in operation multiplied meal for one widow and oil.

    Paul wrought special miracles through apron and handerkerchiefs, Acts 19:11-12. Philip and Stephen, two church servants, cast out devils, causing signs and wonders to follow their ministry, Acts 6-8. Jesus stilled the storm and calmed the waves. Moses had power over rain, hail and frogs. Elijah had power over rain, 1Kings 17:1. The dead, 2 Kings. Naaman’s leprosy possessed Genasi, 2 Kings 5:27. Paul struck Barjesus blind, Acts 13:7-11.
    The Syrians were struck blind. Such are the miracles of judgement.

    God used this gift to protect His people. He rolled the waters back, made the sun stand still, caused the axe to swim, put money in the fish’s mouth, took the burn out of fire, let Peter walk on water, won the battle of Gideon, protected the clothes of the Israelites for 40 years and caused Moses’ eyes, teeth and hair to not change with age. NOTE: Home-work: Find all the verse references that relate to these incidents.

    Mk 16:17, John 14:12. God is still working miracles today. That God had not changed Heb 13:8, Malachi 3:6. He can work this miracle through you Philip and Stephen who was managing food department in early church performed signs and wonders, Acts 6:8, Acts:8:13