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The Gift Of Faith 1 Cor 12:9

Gifts of the Spirit Series No. 5
There are two kinds of faith. (1) There is the natural and general faith, Eph 2:8; Mk11:24. (2). There is supernatural faith from God. Natural and general faith is very limited. Supernatural faith from God is unlimited, The Gift of Faith is not supposition or imagination, not ethics; doctrine theory; dogma; principles; bylaws or creed. The gift of faith is the faith of God imparted. You are not born with the gift of faith.

The average believer operates his life with little faith and usually a lot of doubt and unbelief. But when the gift of faith operates, all doubt and fear are expelled and you are in peaceful faith, you are at rest in God’s imparted faith. To maintain general faith we wrestle and fight to keep it. Fears; doubt and unbelief plague us, and most believers find themselves fighting unbelief; fears; doubt and frustration like a drowing boy fighting water. There is a faith that you cling to; hang on to and fight to keep.

1. BIBLE EXAMPLES: “Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee “Job 22:28. “You may have whatsoever you may” Mk11:23.

The Spirit gave Elijah the evidence and assurance that there would be no rain for three and half years. 1 Kings 17:1. This gift of supernatural faith operated in Elijah’s ministry. 1 Kings 17:8-16. 1 Kings 17:18:17 46 compare with 1 Kings 19:1-5 when this gift stop to operate in the heart of Elijah. The same Elijah commanded fire from heaven to burn hundred soldiers and their captions. 2 Kings 1:5-12. The Bible says we are men of like passions as Elijah. James 5:17.

2. ABRAHAMS’S FAITH: Heb 11:17-18. When God promised Abraham an issue, Abraham believed, even called those thing which are not, as though they were. Rom 4:16-17. Gift of faith for personal protection Dan 6:16-17; 19-23. Gift of faith for supernatural sustenance.1 Kings 17:2-6.

Lk 7:11-15. John 11:1-4; 12-14; 35; 41-43.
Peter raised Dorcas from the dead Acts 9:36-41. Eutychus was raised the dead Acts 20:6-10. etc.

A. NOTE: The gift of faith is a supernatural endowment by the Spirit whereby that which is uttered or desired by man or spoken by God shall eventually come to pass.

B. NOTE: Those who possess the gift of faith believe God in such a way that He honours their word as He own and miraculously brings it to pass.

In conclusion let’s see faith chapter or what theologians call the hall of faith. Heb 11:1-35.

C. HOME WORK FOR ALL MEMBER’S: Read faith chapter ten times gradually, and meditatively Heb11. Remember faith cometh by hearing (Rom 10:17) Read, and let your faith grows mountains.