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The First Love

The Transformer’s Mission Inc
Wednesday Service 19-4-89

Topic: The First Love

Text: Rev 2:1-29, 3:1-22


Many of us who believed in Christ with a burning desire to serve and live a holy life are now embodiment of weakness, faithlessness and Apostasy, we have lost our first love, Some the fire that accompany prayer has gone after only just powerless prayer, to some the excitement of genuine Bible Studying has left — all because we have lost our first love.

    This church has all the qualities of our modern day deliverance church.

    • labour, patience against evil false apostles and
    • not fainting, probably in fasting and prayer (laboured)
    • hate the deeds of nicolaitanes( look to eatings sacrifices to idols, tin timothy never the less they have left this most important thing (1 Cor 13:12) Love though a church has high moral standard, and it is not loving it is dead.
    This church suffered, poverty, blasphemy, deeper persecution and tribulations.

    • Are you being blasphemed, fear none of these things,
    • Are you suffering for your faith or trials or other things happening to you , fear not – there is a crown for us.

    You know many believers don’t want to suffer today, the wicked life they live for nothing short of faithlessness.
    Blasphemy — You who is quick to speak evil of the things of God, men of God or sacred things because, Some will say that Pastor, or Bro God is not speaking through him, no we don’t want to hear, he is not sent — let God be the Judge of that for duty is not edit message but obey.
    Prov 30:12

    This church pictures a modern Compromising church (believer) of our day, in one way they hold fast the name of God and not deny the faith, some even died for the faith, On the other hand they held the doctrine of Balaam and Nicolaitanes eat idol food and fornication.
    Does this not Picture us today, when we are in the church we shout and dance and clap as if all our live is for God, but when we step to our home, we are back to eat things offered to idols and go into fornication

    • Preachers have continued told us God will forgive you, God is love, I know God is love but God is also a Judge – Beware.
    Charity, Service, Faith, Patience ─ Surely any church with this qualities is really making it we may say, but look at vs.20….brother at this point may I ask you what dose God have against You. Is it in the area of Holiness, Sanctification or Immoral act ─ this has become too rampant. I have watched with outmost dismay brother or sister who don’t know how to compliment ladies now give composite to leaders, Somebody says a long, I go a small way, I wont fall to fornication — May I repeat it loud and clear in this church we don’t believe in a brother visiting a sister alone or visa or versa, what does God have against you. Note Jezebel the prophet — The devil will use anybody that yield himself to him whether you preach, teach, prophesy, he will use you if you yield.
    1. Some are ready to die vs.3 because of imperfectness in the lives of some believers.
    2. Only few have not defiled their garments vs.4.
    3. Many people name has been blotted out of the book of life.

    See Mal 2:8 — how will such an ones name still be in book of life that is why you have to beware how you lack evil speaks against your ministers and church because you not just know who is turning away, he still makes God’s path crooked. Acts 13:10

Believers who were hot like a burning metal that will burn in or any lust have now become luke warm, Cold and insolent what a shame, many have lost the fear of God – to them going to church is to fulfil the law, to please, brother and they have lost the Holy Ghost, many of us feel so big before God me who used to humbly kneel before God in honest prayer, now sit or “comfortably” before God in prayer — You used to come to church before any other person, now come, late in the church — are you still in the faith, some of us now choose Preachers whom to hear. It is time for you to rise and do you first work. Some are relying on past Glory and what they did for God before, to God ‘Now’ is the important thing.
Boastful Christians — rich, know my Bible how other etc

  • but, he is blind, naked and poor.
  • The decision is yours, you can decide today to Cone to the Saviour.

Vs 18-19.
Are you poor —Come buy Gold from the Saviour.
Are you naked — there is raiment for you.
Are you blind — surely there is anointing for you.
Are you here tonight, You know inner your heart that you are doing part time Christian in this church that your real sin is fornication, idolatry, lying, stealing and even Idol worship, Please plead with you
(2 Cor 5:26) be reconciled to God, don’t leave this hall this evening in your sin, probably you don’t like what I am saying I care less about that, but measure it with the Bible and see for your self or probably even fine you are not in tune with your fellow believer, right now in your heart the Lord want to make it right for in Zech 8:16-17


It is kind of ironic to see that in a church where big faithful mighty men of valour see only those believers with little strength that are faithfully doing the first work. No wonder the Bible says in
(Zech 4:6) It is those who rely on God’s Strength that can make it in this life.

Where do you stand tonight, in the process of renewing your love or losing it remember the Rev 3:2 telling you to strengthen what is ready to die in your life — What is ready to die.

Is it your prayer life?
Is it your devotional life?
Is it your
Is it your patience life?
Is it your church attendance?
Is it Sunday School?
Is it Holy Life?
Is it what isn’t beloved?

You may say this morality in Christian life is too mush look at that man/woman he/she goes to church and is in minority she is enjoying let me tell you there is value in waiting and honour prov 5;8-9

Oh how I wish you will rise up and strengthen it now while you still have the time, after strengthen it put a sign on to the devil — No vacancy and God will presence you wherever you go. 2 Sam 8:6b, 14b

Let Us Pray
Message preached and prepared by Deacon William Osagiede