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The Divinely Discontented

Gen 30:1

  • You could like to hear another message.
  • On faith.
  • Prayer
  • Anointing
  • etc
  • But I am talking about reaching the level when you say to yourself I am not satisfied.
  • Save the lazy people, people on drugs

*I am going to do something for God and won’t be satisfied till you do….
*If men had never been done with God, then great deeds would not take place.
*The worst they a church can do, is to want for the Preacher to give them a program.
* Many are waiting for the Pastor to give them a job to do…Where men are telling men what to do.
* What ever happened to the directive in the Bible?
* The Spirit of God.
* Many are just sitting there waiting for thing to do for God.
* But I am talking about People who just can’t sit down until they find something to do for God….Such People will find a Street Corner to Preach, a School to Preach.
Those who aren’t satisfied with just a full Church.

  • A big salary.
  • A big

but somebody who is willing to follow him all the way to Calvary.
Somebody who will by pass all the excuses of the everyday demand to press forward…

* Who is not satisfied with just Sunday attendance or church blessing?
* Who seek the Lord in the closet and in the open
* Searching for to rediscover the boundaries of a full Apostolic power, these are the divinely discontented…. Spiritually longing who haven’t yielded to Average Service accepted by overwhelming majority.