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Reversing The Curse On Your Life

Search The Scriptures: Mark 16:15-17.

Introduction: If we lack knowledge we may not make heaven, Is 5:13-15. Hos 4:6. Many people are as they are because of generation curse, probably because their forefathers had been cursed, e.g cancer in the family can be transmitted to other family members. Physical sickness can be transmitted, e.g. emotional problems etc, this is not fair. Believers shouldn’t be carrying this. We are going to remove this in Jesus name! Mtt 12:29. A Christian can be oppressed (influenced): sickness is from Satan. God almighty sets the captives free! Some saints need to be free, 2 Tim 2:25-26.


  1. Instruction, 2 Tim 2:25
  2. Acknowledging the truth (This means speak or confess the truth).
    The devil cannot take you captive at his will unless you lack instruction and truth. So believer, get instruction and truth!


Ex 20:5. When people forsake God there will be judgment or curse that goes even to the fourth generation.
1 King 16:23-24; (vs 30 – this is his son). Now let us see his grandson. 1 King 22:51-52; Omri – the grandfather – Ahab the father and the mother Jezebel ( double trouble) and the son Ahaziah. When you have both the parents under a curse, the son gets all the curse. Now look closely at 2 Kings 3:1. This is the fourth generation. So you’ve got Omri-Ahab, Ahaziah, now Jehoram, all with a curse. 2 Kings 8:16-25; now look at this carefully, Jehosophat ruled over Judah a good man (King). The son of Jehosohat, Jehoram who was the King of Judah, marries the sister of evil king of Israel Vs 18 and shares in the curse of his father-in-law and mother-in-law. Look what happened to the good man Jehoram, Vs 18 & 19. In other words he married a girl whose father was cursed and he was cursed as a result marriage.

Watch whom your father in-law is, so you won’t share in their sins
That is why we tell believers to marry from family of believers only and no exceptions. That’s the gospel.

2 Kings 11:1; Now both seeds (Israel and Judah) were cursed, but one person managed to escape, his name was Jehoash, 2 Kings 12:2. From the beginning of Ahab, we have seen evil, this king did evil etc. and Jehosophat shared in the curse, so his seed started the evil line, so both Israel and Judah were now under a curse, but look, closely at 2 Kings 12:2, the curse was reversed completely because of instruction by a priest. Believers it is still the same today when we get good instruction, the curse will be reversed from our lives.

If you are here and you are getting a problem from your father or mother, it could be cancer, emotional problem etc, today we are going to reverse this curse. As you hear the word of God there is deliverance for you today!

Deut 7:9-10, your curse can become a blessing.
Prov 26:2, every curse has a cause. There is a reason why you don’t grow in your Christian life.
Jer 31:29, look at what happened to the children because of the father, but we are going to break it today!
Deut 11:26-28, 7:9.

Spiritually you cannot be affected by any curse of your fathers because your spiritual man has been renewed, 2 Cor 5:17, but emotionally, mentally and physically, we are affected by our forefather’s curses and that’s were we have to reverse the curse. There are many Christians that are always depressed and sick because their mother/father had this problem, but we should not have this problem. Why do you think the Insurance people always ask you if you have any mental problem etc. in your family, Jer 31:29. So Mum and Dad be careful, because whatever you do affects your children. (The word of God will reverse any curse on you emotionally, physically etc.)

Now let us look a little closer how a generational curse can be transferred, Gen 9:25; This curse was on Canaan because (Deut 27:16) he exposed his father weakness. Gen 10:15; This tells us whom the descendant of Canaanites were, they were the Jebusites and Ammorites. The descendant of Canaan – the people of the Holy land- were thrown out when Israel possessed the land, but there was one woman who reversed the curse, her name was Rahab. In Gen 15:16, the iniquity of Ammorites was that they were enemies of God’s people. They withstood Moses and gave a lot of trouble to Israel. So God said that when Israel comes to the promised land, the Ammorites were going to be destroyed and the first Ammorite that they met was Rahab, Joshua 2:1&9. She turned the curse of Ammorite into a blessing, Vs9. Rahab knows the land belongs to Israel in Vs10, she proved her faith in God. Vs 18, she believed in the power of the blood to rescue her. You see beloved you can stop the curse on your household and reverse the curse and even more, bring blessing.

Another example of a woman who turned the curse around was Ruth. Gen 19:35-38, the curse began with Lot, then transferred to Moab (both Moab and Canaan were cursed because of Alcohol).

In Deut 23:3, God put a curse on these people. Now let us see how one woman broke this curse on her generation and brought blessing on her, Ruth 1:1,4, Vs14 &15. Look at how Ruth broke the curse. Vs16, she broke the curse by trusting in the Lord God. Ruth 3:3, do you know that Ruth and Rahab were in the line of the Messiah..


  1. The word of God.
  2. The anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  3. The Armour of God.
  4. Get into a Holy Spirit Bible believing church.

Now look at Esau’s line an Edomite, Gen 25:30, he despised his birthright. He was actually denying the line of the Messiah. Edom (Joel 3:19), was a violent man.

In Obadiah 1:21 we are told only the church can break this curse. Another curse we are going to break here is
(Hab 2:15-16) sipping saints, we have seen how wine has ruined men, saints who say “it is no problem, just drink brother, no beer and alcohol”. If you don’t want God to spew on you, don’t drink wine, Vs16.
Prov 31:4-6, as you are a King, don’t drink wine, we drink the Holy Spirit (Is 5:11). If we want to be holy, we must stay away from these things.


  1. Disease
  2. Adultery
  3. Arthritis
  4. Blood disease
  5. Bone disease
  6. Fear of man
  7. Fear of old age
  8. Mental Problem
  9. Poverty
  10. Rebellion children
Ps 107:20
Prov 6:23-25
Job 4:3-4
Prov 16:24
Prov 16:24
1 Jn 4:18
Ps 92:12-14
Prov 16:3
Josh 1:8
Jer 31:16

Beloved, all these curse can be reversed by prayer and the word of God. God has given us victory in all side.
Num 23:8. This is the heritage of the saints.

No devil can curse me for God has blessed me.