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Retaining the Anointing

1 Ti 4:14 Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the lay on of the hands of the presbytery.

For some people, they struggle to get anointed and then after that they must endeavour to retain the Anointing.

Have you ever wondered why you were walking with God and doing great this for him 5yrs ago and now, you cannot even cast out demons.

Have you ever wondered why certain Ministers have fallen from grace?

Or why certain people that use to pray for the sick and do wonderful things in the house of are now just sitting like empty vessels.

Some of them have lost their nointing, Look at what the Bible says here….2 King 4:1-6.

Steps to Retain the Anointing

  1. Keep on being filled with the Holy Spirit (That is where prayer, Fellowship and Bible Study comes in). No matter how much Macdonald’s make in a Day will not shut down, even it they reach their target, they keep selling….. they keep increasing their menu and funding new ways to do business. All truth is Spiritual. When you continue and continue and continue, you increase. Demonstrate with a Glass of water (You can only withdraw wha you have deposited, if you have deposited Continual anointing a are sell through when things seems going well for you, then when things begin to slide, you will have to withdraw.
  2. Make sure there are no holes in the basket. Holes in the basket represents Sinful pleasures, like Masturbation, like sexual sins, you and not married, but sleeping with boyfriend and girlfriend… you are secretly loosing respect for God, by putting things off. God speaks to you today, do it immediately, don’t put things off, Holes in the Bucket.
  3. Give no place to the devil. Now look up today, what the devil wants to do so much in your life is to cut you off from relationship from the Lord. If the devil can succeed to cut you off from that relationship, my brother you are finished. Do a Spiritual Check list (stock taking) how you are doing in your Christian Experience….all business men do it… the end of a Financial yr. and stock taking why both take a Spiritual stock taking. See whether you patience had gone low, see whether there is no more grace to love and forgive. See whether your prayer gage has gone low. Christian you MUST have a Spiritual, don’t ignore the warning signs, you see yourself liking some strange pornographic movie, swearing a bit, getting some wordly attitude, STOP and check….
  4. Crossing Boundaries. A Christian that moves and walks in the Spirit should respect boundaries, it is so important to know the Boundaries of where to go and act. Example of submission to Rodney. You see many people no longer respect the Minister or the man of GOD, THEY SAY… Surely God can speak to us as well….. Beware.