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Repairing the Alter of the Lord

An Alter is a place of Sacrifice. A Place of a securing the presence and power, Might and Glory of God.

To the believer, it is important that the Alter is kept HOLY, PURE AND CONSICRATED.

At The Alter we:

  1. Offer Sacrifices of Praise
  2. Sacrifices of Joy
  3. Sacrifices of Giving
  4. Sacrifices of Divine Empowerment

It is the Alter that we receive the grace and Strength to move on in our Lives.
Strength to move to another Level is received in the Alter.
Peace that passes all understanding is received at the Alter.

When the alter is marred by Sin, You can call upon God from Morning till night and nothing will happen.

Where is the Alter: Our Church, Our House, And Our Dwelling Place. YOU ARE AN ALTER.

Things that Pollute the Alter.

  • False Worship of God (You worship God falsely when you deviate from True Worship).
  • Dirty Movies in your home.
  • Screaming and Swearing and using profanity in the Home.
  • Practicing Sin.
  • Gossiping and Lying.
  • When our Alter is truly dedicated and holy, Sinners will be converted of their Sins.
  • Benefits of a Clean Alter.
  • You will call upon God, day or Night and He hears you.
  • You will find rest for Weariness.
  • You will find food for Hungry Stomach.
  • The Fear of God is intensified.
  • Healing Flow from the Alter.
  • Deliverance flows from the Alter of God.

When we have repaired the Alter of God the fire of God will come down and burn all the worldliness and things that does not glorify the Lord. Our Church needs to be a place where witches will feel uncomfortable and sinners will cry out for deliverances.