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Pillars and Caterpillars in the Church

Acts 6:1-4
SUNDAY 28TH July 2002

We are seeing here that the Church has grown and is now large Church with its problem, this Church when we started we have few workers and we were small in Number, but as the Church grew we come to confront two categories of people: You will find Pillars in the Church and Caterpillars in the Church, the title of the message with a question mark, to ask which one you want to be?

Pillars in the Church: Look at the pillars that are holding this building.

  1. They are stable.
  2. They are steadfast.
  3. They are made of the right material.

There are also Caterpillars in the Church, as the pillars are doing their best to stand the caterpillars are doing their best or Worst to eat up the pillars and if the pillars are not made up the right material the caterpillars will eat them up and the Church will collapse.

Acts 6:1, the disciples multiplied because there were some pillars in the church, they were preaching, praying and ministering, they were constant and were always there, every time you open the door of the Church they were always there, they were stable, sound spiritual and dependable. It was because of their ministry, prayer Etc that the Church was multiplied.

Look at Verse 4.

The life of the Church was very good because of them. Look at Gal 2:9.

Pillars, Hold, build, support, look this house, if the pillars fall, this hall will fall, because the pillars are standing that is why we are having a standing house. Read Carefully Judges 16:26. You can lean on the pillars of the Church: they are the people that are allowing them to build the life of the Church. Look at verse 27-30

Jer 1:18. Pillars are strong (By the life, conduct and administration of the Church they were pillars) Rev 3:12. The rain will fall on the pillars, the wind of life will blow, but the pillar will STAND.

Pillars Overcome, Satan, Sin, Critical Spirit, things that are trying to pull out of the Church, blasphemy, they overcome the things of the Word, they do not look at what others are saying about them. To be a pillar you need to stable, are you?


Pillars Stand, Caterpillars crawl, they are the people that do not grow in the Church, they profess that they have life of God in the Church, but instead of standing firm, and straight, they are crawling they are not able to hold their body up, but they are very much in contact with earth, I tell you they are carnal and because they are carnal, they are not able to stand as pillars in the Church. They eat up the pillars in the Church.

Illustration with caterpillars. They eat up secretly the pillars of the Church, especially if the pillars are not made up of the right materials. Men and women in the Church who come out as Christians, but secretly they eat up the pillars of the Church, they dig deep at the pillars of the Church, Secretly they are eating up the strength.

When you find the Church Evangelizing and there are no growth, the caterpillars are eating up the increase, by their mouth, by gossiping, murmuring and backbiting, what are they doing they are driving away the new converts, when you see a Church that is evangelizing Much and yet that |Church is not increasing something is happening…there are more caterpillars in that Church than there are pillars.

When the caterpillars are busy eating upon the Preachers, the deacons, the life of the Church, the members of the Church, such Church cannot grow…. IU wants you to decide tonight which one you are. A pillar, building up, holding up. Standing firm, keeping the Church together or a caterpillar eating up the Church, destroying the Church, pulling down the Church, tearing down the Church and dividing the Church. Psalm 105: 34 & 35. Woe is that Church when the caterpillars multiply without number, when those who tear down are more than those who build, that Church will stand, that Church will fall and great will be the fall. You know those of you from Africa you will know that there are Houses built with wooden pillars, and if the caterpillars are eating up the pillars, a little wind will blow or a little rain will come and the pillar will fall.

When the caterpillars in the Church has been busy eating up the Pastor, the leaders and the Church, have been criticizing anything going on in the Church murmuring and gossiping have been busy for months, any small problem in the Church will go through that Church will fall. Because Caterpillars have been busy for months and years, Let me ask you, how do you use your mouth, are you eating upon this Church with your mouth, criticizing this Church with your mouth, are you destroying this Church with your mouth, so then you are not a Pillar but a Caterpillar, you may pretend to be a Christian, as believer, and to say that you love this Church, that this is the Church you were born again and you are going to live and die in this Church but that Critical spirit that is making you to criticize, everything you see, criticize the Pastor, the study of the Bible, the deacons the praise everything that you see, making you a Caterpillar and you are the trouble of this Church and you are the one pulling this Church down, tearing this Church apart. In Joel 1:4, you know you cannot have it when you eat it all, think about it when you buy the bread and at breakfast you eat part of it, what happens? It becomes smaller, listen to me, if every time at the breakfast table or coffee table you and your friend are eating up the Pastor when you come the following Sunday when you to Church, that Pastor will become smaller in your eyes, when you eat upon the deacon, or a brother or anyone in lunch table or dinner table, when you come the following Wednesday that Person will become smaller in your eyes, that means you have been criticizing and talking about him, that is why some of us have lost respect for the leadership and the brethren, you have been eating up the people, with your mouth. The Pastor may pray more, study more, but because you are eating him up he cannot remain the same, he becomes smaller in your eyes, that same thing, if you are eating up the Pastor in the front of your Children or your Husband or your friend, the Pastor will become small in their eyes, when the Pastor prays, he cannot believe anymore, because the Caterpillar is eating up the Pastor in the house. That is what happens when the caterpillar eats up the workers in the Church.

It is pity that some Churches there are just too many caterpillars than Pillars.

A Word to pillars, my friend you know that there are Caterpillars trying to eat you up, you need to guard your self, galvanized your self, put on anti-caterpillar attack, so that even if they manage to bite, it will not hurt you, it will not affect you.

Brother rise up from your tears. Do keep saying everybody are talking about me…….I can’t take it anymore, rise up, even our master was so criticized that even when he died they people still continued, but look at Jesus in Luke 2:52.

A word to the caterpillars, you are in MALTA today, whether Maltese or foreigner, you are now in MALTA, God has brought you to this Church to build, stop eating up the Church, stop eating up the deacons and deaconess, stop eating up the Church workers.

Let me close today with how a caterpillar can become a pillar.

Look at how the caterpillar developed to a butterfly, look at how beautifully the butterfly goes from tree to tree pollinating the flowers.

You can use your mouth to bless, go to somebody and pray for the person and tell the person that you will; stand by him or her, they may be making a mistake right now, they may even be in Sin, God has not made you a judge of MALTA, Today the decision is yours, will you arise now and be a Pillar. Come all in this Church and Build with me.

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