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Identifying and Defeating the Enemy

Agape Outreach Ministries

Search The Scriptures: Eph 6:10-18, Is 54:13-17, Is 61:1- 4, Is 57:14.


Every Believer is engaged in battle with the forces of darkness. We all are commanded to fight the good fight of faith, 1 Tim 6:12, but how can we fight if we do not know whom we are fighting.


  1. Lack of the word of God, Mtt 12:43-45. Pastors / teachers, God placed you to teach them the word, so the devil can’t get in. Don’t rush in to the sermon, get properly furnished.
  2. Mtt 18:34. Unforgiveness brings oppression, then possession.
  3. Rom 8:6 A carnal mind opens the door to the devil.
  4. 2 Tim 2:16. Profane words – If you use profane language you are opening the door to the
  5. Heb 12:15. Bitterness – The devil gets in and you will be defiled.
  6. Deut 18:10. The occult – Stay away from any form of occult. Some believers area walking defeated and down, but God wants you to have complete victory.
  7. 1 Sam 15:23. Rebellion brings demons, so don’t allow rebellion, it will bring disaster.
  8. Ps 101; 5. Slander brings demons, since you are cut off from the Lord.
  9. Prov 15; 19. Laziness brings devils, so get instruction, Prov 24:30. This can deliver you.
    Prov 12:13, 2Tim 2 25-26. By instruction you will be delivered and set free from the devil’s captivity.

Believers, this study are designed to help you to adequately identify the enemy and how you can deal with them.
Take one look at the devil and you are gone, Eph 4:27.
When you get instruction you shall live, Hos 4:6.
The devil cannot force his way, it is you who invites him to your life, Rom 6:16.
No devil comes out unless you want it out. Let us identify our enemy, 2 Pet 2:19.

These are three strong forces in our world today which are Devil, Demons, Spirits. (Demons want to express their evil in a physical world.). These are three forces manifested in several ways, which are:

  1. A FAMILIAR SPIRIT, 1 Sam 28:7
    This is a deceiving spirit that comes like a friend, while it is really an enemy. It manifests itself in these ways:

    1. Astrology – People that follow after the stars and galaxies.
    2. Fortune telling.
    3. The occult in all its forms. (This is getting to the church in the form of new age movement).

    This can also manifest with somebody that has different personalities. At home he / she is a terror, then outside he / she looks calm.

    Prov 5:22-23. Ecc 8:5. With instruction you shall live.

    This means to twist the word of God and take it out of context (Doctrine is scripture complete, not one scripture).
    This spirit perverts the way of the Lord, Act 13:10. It manifests itself in these ways:

    1. Hate, Prov 14:2.
    2. Lust.
    3. Doctrinal error.
    4. Self lover, 2 Tim 3:4.

    The people who are under this spirit usually take the word of God to fit their situation.

    This spirit manifests itself in these ways:

    1. Murder, Gen 4:8
    2. Anger and wrath
    3. Revenge, Prov 6:34.
    4. Restlessness.
    5. Competion.
    This spirit manifests itself in these ways:

    1. Religion, Jer 23:14.
    2. Adultery
    3. Homosexuality.
    4. Sodomy
    5. Profanity.
    6. Fornication
    7. Vanity and hypocrisy.

    Mostly the spirit of lie can move you into a stronger spirit of divination or occult. Many believers are possessed by the spirit of Religion, which is usually manifested in these ways:

    1. The first thing is condemnation.
    2. They esteem themselves higher than anybody else.
    3. They isolate themselves.

    When dealing with spirit, we go for the spirit of lie.

    This makes an individual gloomy, down and always in a sorrowful state.

    1. Grief, Is 61:3
    2. Despair (hopelessness).
    3. Reflection.
    4. Self Pity.
    5. Gluttony.

    Some people cannot loose weight because of the spirit behind it. When that spirit is broken the person will eventually loose weight. A generational curse usually goes from the first to the third generation. (Check people who have cancer of any other certain disease, it would have been in the family before).

    This Spirit even exists in the church of Jesus Christ. This is a serious spirit affecting many married Christians.

    1. Fornication.
    2. Emotional weakness.

    Hear we find dumbness and insanity and it is usually manifested. A spirit of infirmity makes one walk and be insensitive to the needs of the body of Christ or to the family. They usually end up having a lot of unanswered questions. They would always be weak and certain sicknesses are connected with this spirit.

  8. DEAF AND DUMB SPIRIT, Mtt 17:15
    Watch how Jesus dealt with this spirit, which manifests itself in these way.

    1. Epilepsy.
    2. Suicide.
    3. Lunatic.
  9. THE SPIRIT OF FEAR, 2 Tim 1:2

    This spirit has a sense of danger, always thinking the worse about others. Fearlessness is a sign of a true believer. Torment, terror, nightmare, worries and if you are afraid of darkness, you must check your life. Christians who are afraid of devils are to re-examine their Christian life. Inferiority complex, always feeling inadequate in front of others.

    This spirit manifests itself in these ways:

    1. Mockery.
    2. Stubbornness.
    3. Witchcraft (A relative of pride).
    4. Arrogantly, self righteousness.
    5. Gossip, contention.
    6. Wrath, Prov 21:24.
    The first thing in the life of one who has this spirit is:

    1. That they cannot call on God.
    2. b) That they cannot pray. This is where many people are
    3. c) Anguish, Ez 6:9
    4. d) Bitterness
    5. e) All types of addiction.
    6. f) Spiritual blindness.
    This spirit manifests itself in these ways:

    1. Legalism (Self Exaltation).
    2. It always attacks the testimonies of the saints.
    3. Opposes men of God.
    4. Speaks against the gift of the spirit. (They usually say “That is of the devil”).
    5. Disturbs services. (They speak in tongues at the wrong time. Just about when God wants to do something, they interrupt).
    6. Persecutes the saints.
    7. Ignores the blood.

Jesus Christ has the power to break all those things in our lives, for it is his will that we be set free. Lk 4:18-19.