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Holding on to your Dreams

Hebrews 10:23
Hold fast – Greek Katecho – Coming down with force.
Echo – I have or I posses.

To embrace with force, the Lord knows that there are things that will try to steal your dream so he encourages us to hold fast, to never let go of our dream.

  • Live for them
  • Pursue them
  • Never let go.

Keep up your dream. Simple Principle of dishwasher

Write your dream out.
Hebrews 3:6 1 Corinthians 15:58
Story of unjust Judge Luke 18.
So many stop their dream every time there is an obstacle.

Some will say their problems are too much for their dream to come true, Isaiah 59:19

Some will say I am not qualified or educated or have the right degree listen 1 Corinthians 1:27

Some will say I have lived a bad life, I have cheated God etc…Listen God is not interested in where you come from but in where you are going 2 Corinthians 5:17.
Jeremiah 32:17. Matthew 19:26
When you put your effort and energy into your dream that when God shows up with Supernatural power. Stop staying in your comfort zone.

Judges 6
Dreams use the desire of your heart, things you want accomplished in your life.
Many times those dreams seem shattered or blown away by disappointment or un fulfillment

Everyone here have a dream. Psalm 37:4 Amp. Psalm 145:19.
God want to fulfill those dreams, it is time to

  • Water
  • Feed
  • Look ahead
  • Set some goals Principle of PUSH.

How do you.

  1. Write the vision down clearly Proverbs 29:18, a parent, marriage, household etc. a job promotion.
  2. See our self as God sees us.

Every dream start with a picture Proverbs 23:7.
18 or 19 years ago Psychologists tell us that there are two memory files in ones life.

  1. Files of failure, defeat, hardship, painful.
  2. File of victory, success etc.

It tells us that the way a person outlook on life is depends on which file you go back to I tell you, you can’t change the past, so forget living in the past and go and reach out Philippians 3:13.

You cannot let the fear of failure stop you from chasing your dream – Risk, our dream for the church when we move from here financial breakthrough.
Story of Abraham Lincoln in 27 yrs defeated 10 times in a row,
In fact in business matter may have been disappointed. First race 1860 was the President of the USA.
You may have failed many times but let me tell you this; the next time you win could be your biggest victory ever. The light bulb Thomas Edison tried 100 times.
Judges 6:12 -The way God saw him.
Judges 6:14 – A great confidence from God.
Judges 6:15 -Look at how Gideon saw himself.
Judges 6:16 God reassures.
Judges 17 – Show me sign.
Verse 25 Command.
Verse 27 – He still was a man of fear.

Matthew 19:26 You can be with me or with God, it is your choice.
Do not be afraid of failure. I rather shoot high and miss it than shoot low and get it.

A dream is a desire placed in your heart by God – it could be

  • Achieving great heights
  • Getting your blessings
  • See your miracle come.

Our eyes should be on Him Hebrews 12:2
2 Chronicles 16:9→ Story of 2 Kings 6
2 Kings 16:17
Psalm 121
God delight in seeing your dreams come into reality in times of distress so , how God will use what you go through to build you.
Psalm 4:1
This is no time to blame God, many times it is the struggle that gives us strength.
The decision you make in times of trouble is very important I have seen people get bitter in trouble, it will destroy you…forgive your brother, Don’t blame God.

In your difficulty don’t run away from God, use your adversity to get you close to God. God will use anything that the devil sent and gets the good out of it.
Story of David 1 Samuel 30:6
In the hour of distress so not bad mouth God. I will Praise the Lord at ALL times.
If we as a church can be faithful – committed. 1 Corinthians 2:9.
Hold on to your dreams.

Psalm 37:4

How not to listen to the voice of discouragement in your life.

  • Every one has tendency to hear discouragement in every area,
  • Trick of the enemy → to live a mediocre life.
  • Powerful of the enemy (When people say discouraging things to you at the low point in your life.)
  • Read something, bring fear.
  • Devil can bring thought…
  • Words can either build you up or tear you down. Proverbs 18:21
  • Negative words….. either dwell on them or cast them down.
  • e.g. Joshua 6:10… do not open your mouth.
  • Even Jesus was attacked… Matthew 4 Mark 5:36 Amp.
  • Ignore the voice of discouragement.
    e.g of William Seymour
  • There will be people in your life who always will be there to tell you when you did or did not hear from God – pull you down.

    One way to keep proper atmosphere of faith is to ASSOCIATE with the RIGHT PEOPLE Proverb 13:20.

  • Young people, your life will be shaped by people you hang out with….

1 Cor 15:33.
Voice of discouragement even in your offering & Tithe, even in helping out.
Look at this amazing promise Isaiah 45:3

James 2:17 There are three types of people in the Church.

  • People that make things happen – aggressive
  • People that watch things happen – passive.
  • People that wonder what happened.

You got to do everything to make your dreams come to pass.
Story of men working…and saying God had in miss
2 Corinthians 6:1 John 15:5
→ Remember God will not do for you what you can do for yourself.
→ For your dream to come to pass, you’ve got to do your part.
… Pray as though everything depends on God work as though everything depends on you.
─ Many people will say to me, I will do it at the right time ….there will never be a right time. Now is the time.. Procrastination.
Once you have done all your part then TRUST God.
Hebrews 2:2-3 to do His part.
This tells me there may be a time involved before your vision materialise.

  • You got to be faithful in what God called you to do… He will exalt you in due time.
  • There are people sitting down where that has been here when its was exciting in the church and even in our troubles…People may not credit you but God know and credit you.

Psalm 37:1-4 Psalm 145:19

God has given you a dream, God wants to fulfil, every God given dream.

It is his perfect plan that those Wonderful desires and dreams that God has put in our hearts be fulfilled. But so many those dream has been shattered and

1) How to archive the dream God has put in your heart.

Write them down.

Prov 29:18

See your self as God sees you. Every dream starts with a picture. Psalms 23:7. Go to the word of
God and see what God says about you. Why spend time listening to your unbelieving friends instead of the word of God.

A man has got 2 memory file, one file for failure the second file is that of success, achievement, a persons advancement depends on the file he opens. How many times in your kitchen, in your living room, you complain about the Church, about the pastor and so on and so forth, but instead of going in prayer and be part of the solution, you become part of the problem.

Stop looking at the failures of yesterday and run for today’s challenge. Phil 3:13b you cannot change the past, but you can do something about the future. Many people who have failed in the past are afraid to try again. Don’t allow the fear of failure stop you from achieving your dream.

I AM NOT GOING TO PUT MORE TIME IN THAT CHURCH, BECAUSE IT IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Abraham Lincoln was defeated 10 times in a row, many told him to give up the first race he won was in1860 and he became the president of the USA. The next time you win could be your biggest victory ever. We are having our light bulb today because the inventor did not give up. The devil likes to destroy dreams and vision. Matt19:26 Heb 10:23.

I need to say this to all the leaders of the Various Church depts….Maybe right now you are getting discouraged, because your department is not what you want it to be, maybe right now you are a prayer leader, worship ministry, usher or evangelism team and it seems that nobody even listen you as the leader and it seems that when your team sings it is like horror, my friend once you have a team, you can only get better, yes it will take hard work and the grace of God.
When you put your effort and energy into your God given dream, God will show up in a supernatural way. Maybe right now, your desire is to do great things for God and it seems right now that everyone is speaking in tongues and having a great move of God and you are struggling…
1 Cor 1:7. The story is 2 Kings 6. Now look at vs 16 and 17.

God uses Distress and difficulty to build His people be careful about the decision you make in the time of Trouble of difficulty. Most Christians make poor decisions when trouble comes like, I will not come to Church, I will not go to practice, I will not go to prayer…When trouble comes, look what you should do Psalm 1:4. In the hour of distress do not bad mouth God or the pastor, when you leave Church, stop complaining about pastor, or your leadership.

Example of Call about me being in hospital. Call from a pastor after Ghana.