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Breaking Out Of Your Box

The devil is not do keen as pushing back, or down as keeping you where you are:
If the devil can do well to keep you in your current circumstances, he will have succeeded in his purposes in your life.
Unfortunately a lot of us help the devil to
|From the day you are born till the day you die the devil want you to settle for a
Normal life, ordinary life….
God is always calling man to a greater level not to settle for mediocre lifestyle.
Picture of the future…But the journey is not easy.
The biggest lesson the children of Israel learnt is that You cannot settle down.
Look at Ezek 37:1-3 hopeless, the way things are is not necessary how they should be.
God wanted Ezekiel to be level with his thinking…If God can get you to think the
way He thinks, He got your cooperation….
Conflict, in your life, He wants to push you to a higher level.
God is calling you out of your box….All of your life, deliberately or unconsciously,
people have been trying to keep you in a box, and they are not always terrible people, some of them may even mean well. But listen the very fact that you were born shows you were not supposed to be in a box…womb is a box, outgrow the box.
Books can be in a box, but not you. A box is a container designed to contain….
Don’t be fooled by the size of the box.
Jer 1:4…
Notice when you come out of the womb box, you are placed in another box—-a bigger box “the Cot” the baby grows and start fighting the box, we make the baby happy…. Then we take him to play pen, the nursery, school…from one box to another… then finally you come out of university and think that you are finally out the box, guess what they put you in a much bigger box, the office, the toys are different, the pc, pics Etc,
To make you content in the Box. Even when you die, a Box.

But God is calling you out of your box, what has been told you cannot do, the boundaries.
The only things you cannot do is the thing the word of God prohibits…
Any great man that accomplished anything for God Called them out of their comfort
Zone. Abraham., David, Esther…. That is the way it is with any Achiever…
God is calling you to Deu 1:6

Break Out

Three Boxes.

  1. The Box of poverty Judges 6:11-16. (Hide Corn)…Poverty 2) You do not thresh corn in the wine press…valley.
    In spite of the fact that God called him mighty, Gideon say he was weak, he equated poverty with weakness there is something about Money that make people feel secure, never measure the possibility of Gods Assignment with resources.
    You do not have a money problem, do you that all the gold in the world when there were only two humans, is exactly the same today. God has not added another Gallon of oil…

    Listen closely to me, Money is a reward to solving problems, when you learn to be a problem Solver you become a Money magnet. Some people think hat the system owe them.. social security.
    Do not work because you need money. Money becomes your ultimate The reason why you work is to express the nature of GOD IN YOU


    As your value increases people exchanges more money for greater value.

    As too little money can be a box so too much money can be a box…you must be bigger than money. The true test…let it go.

  2. The second Box is the Box of Prejudice, this is the box that tells people they cannot do things because of the Colour of their Skin, the Country they are born in, the town they come from… or their gender or a physical handicap.

    There is no evil as great as the evil of prejudice.

    God break every single lie of prejudice. Job is not meant for people like you and so you do not even try.
    The greatest prejudice is the one you have against yourself.

    I found out that people can only put you down for so long, if you do not put yourself down.
    The third aspect of prejudice is the prejudice we have against each other, because I have discovered that black people are just as racist was white people, the African do not like the west Indians, the west Indians do not like those from Dominica.

    Even Africans do like each other the Nigerians don’t like the Ghanaians, even Nigerians don’t like Nigerians, one from south don’t like the north, the one from St Vincent hates the one from Jamaica. The Irish don’t like the English, the Welsh do not like the Scottish and we all hates the Americans.

    Women think men are too stubborn and men think women talk too much… All prejudice.

    We need to overcome the box of prejudice, my friend you can deny yourself a lifetime opportunity because you have prejudged somebody…. Ananias for Saul of Tarsus.

    To be prejudice is to conclude about Someone before you get to know him…

  3. The Box of Problem: let me say it, you will have problem…it is friction that gives up the thing to move forward.
    There are forces that propel us to move up in the direction of destiny and many of them come in the package of problem. None of the problem you are going through today is really your problem, your real problem is how to handle your problem,… it is Called attitude….the right attitude, you will come out of any circumstances.

Let me Close this message by talking about the box of your mind ROM 12:1
Do not let the world squeeze you into its mould… Your thinking is very important..

Look inside your mind.

The Story of legendary Houdini…Great magician….