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7 Terrible Sins That Rob Believers Of Their Victory

Prov 6:16-19

  1. A Proud Look. Prov 16:18-19 → A hurt that looks down on others. This Sin sent Lucifer to hell, do you think if God did not spare Lucifer, He will not spare you?
  2. A lying tongue. → how much liars we have today, who are covered in hypocrisy… half truth is a lie “do you know how I know liars…they are not willing to be confronted.
  3. Hands that shed innocent blood. Blood in the life in humans, whatever you do to take the spiritual life out of someone. Remember the forbidden rule. (must)
  4. A heart that manufactures wicked thoughts. How can this heart have victory over the devil? (He follower of wicked thoughts).
  5. A feet swift to in running to do evil…
    How many times did think before screaming your head off on people. I have seen people in this church disrespect Pastoral authority by raising their voice and putting other to shame… be warned this is not a market place it is a church. You should never raise your voice against no-one… You need Self Control.
  6. A false witness. A false witness who lies under oath.
  7. Note this one…. He that Soweth discord among Brethren. Jesus warns…..