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Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision
Believing that the three things needed for a Healthy Church: Vision., Structure and Policy . we set forth the following

Vision for the Church

VISION is a clear picture of a desired future.
VISION describes what our church will look like. VISION develops positive mental images.

Our Vision: 1 Corinthians 13:13
An influential church full of love grace and freedom. Seeing many workers raised up to influence their world.

Policy: This is what we stand for , what makes us distinct from optehr Christian Churches . What is the reason for our Existence?

Our Mission: Matthew 6:33
To allow God to speak to us, so that He can speak through us.
To allow God to work in us, so that He can work through us.
To allow God to lead us, so that we can lead others.

What are With Sureway Australia?

Policy and Moral Values are consistent, passionate, biblical and distinctive of whom we are. They are convictions that determine our priorities, influence our decisions, drive our ministries, and are always demonstrated in our behavior. A Policy begins with a conviction. We all have convictions about church life and what the church is supposed to be and do. Out of our convictions, emotional attachments are formed. When we have a commitment to those convictions, the Policy and lifestyle of our church has now been created.

Sureway Australia has promoted their values right from the beginning because the Policy of a church is such a powerful and driving force. The Policy reveals who we are and who we are not. It should be noted, that the following values are an extension of which Dr William and Claire are in God.

The following are the building block of our Church

We are:

  • A Loving Church;
  • A Worshipping Church;
  • A Praying Church;
  • A Good News Church;
  • A Relational Church;
  • A Purpose Driven Church;
  • A Creative Outreaching Church;
  • A City Influencing Church;
  • A Developing Church;
  • A Balanced Church.

How do we transfer this block to you?
The following 3 points transfers our values .

  1. Define who we are.

    Sureway Australia is a Multicultural Church that has its roots in Pentecostal awakening. We firmly base our Lives on the principles of the bible that has been taught from generations. The word of God is our standard of ethics.

  2. Nurture Relationships.

    Sureway is about people , we are here to encourage ,inspire and help people enter a new and exciting relationship with God .we are very committed to see families live wholesome life .we believe in building relationship with everyone that comes our way. It is a Christian Community within the Community.

    To this end we see people not as a product, but a priority.

    Sureway believes that the church is about seeing your potential realized, therefore fulfilling your purpose.

  3. Affirm our Values.

    We believe that the only way our society can be whole again and move into a sphere of respect and tolerance for humanity is through affirming our biblical values, marriage , parenthood , biblical discipleship and other values that the bible teaches, it is our desire to hold on to these values irrespective of what society teaches today.

How do we affirm our values?
By being the values.

The following is the church that Dr William and Claire see and anticipate.

THE CHURCH WE SEE is lead and built by Jesus Christ.
THE CHURCH WE SEE worships and glorifies Jesus Christ.
THE CHURCH WE SEE is full of love, grace and freedom.
THE CHURCH WE SEE is relational, relevant and releasing.
THE CHURCH WE SEE is vibrant and positively influential.
THE CHURCH WE SEE is balanced and naturally supernatural.
THE CHURCH WE SEE is big in quality and quantity.
THE CHURCH WE SEE is to be Heaven on earth.

God bless you abundantly in all that you do, and if we can be of any assistance to you now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the attached numbers, or please fill in and submit the visitors slip in the contacts option.