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Mens Ministry

Welcome to Sureway Legend Men Fellowship

The men’s meeting is to encourage one another as we share a word, pray together and tell of our testimony of the mighty work God continues to do in each of our lives. We come together to be with men of God as 1Corinthians12:12-20 “we are one body in Christ no matter where our standing is”.

Our last meeting we discussed and planned the next two men’s gathering which are to be held on the 4th February 2012, at the park on Coburns road in West Melton. This will be a fantastic gathering for all men and young boys to share the word of God, some praying followed by a tasty yummy BBQ and some slow fishing. For the active men or boys their will be a game of soccer or throwing a frisbee.

The following men’s gathering is on the 10th March where we will be taking the church bus from Melton to the St George Lake in Creswick which is on the Melbourne side of Ballarat, about 40mins from Melton. Another fantastic day out together, to encourage one another and become one.

I encourage all the men to come along and to bring friends along for a day of gathering, unity and love.

Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

The men Ministry is an Arm of Sureway Led by Bro Chris Curmi whose vision is to see the Church of God functioning in good relationship with each other.

Our Men`s meeting is also a time of lifting each other and encouraging us all as we see the day of the Coming of the Lord drawing nearer.

Our Men`s Ministry is designed to restore integrity to the house of God by allowing men to be men , men that will lead their families in a godly life at home and in the Church. We encourage men to take hold of the word of God to see tell the world that JESUS is still Lord.

We want to see the power of God reflect in godly men that will move in these last days to stand against the evil in our Society.

Join our men activities, contact Bro Darren on 0418187663 for further details

In the near Future we are hoping to get more activities for the glory of God.